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The one-man show, written by Bjarni Haukur Thorsson, is a humorous exploration about money and self worth in today’s society.

„And there was live music everywhere. Elton John in the kitchen. Wayne Newton in the library. Spice Girls in the bathroom. I was starting to get dizzy... and realized I had very little in common with these people. So I walked outside. Just to get some fresh air. After a little while one of them is suddenly standing beside me. And I thought, why do these guys all look like funeral directors? You know, black suit. Black tie. Black shoes. Black money. I knew I had seen him on the news. Wasn’t sure if he owned an Indian investment bank, Canadian clothing chain or a Check Republic travel agency. Probably all of the above.” -What Am I Worth?
ABOUT THE SHOW: Finances are a serious matter. Respecting money and its impact is something most of us are born with. The nature of financial debate has seldom or never been as current as in today’s society and for a comedy writer it is an oasis of material. The challenge lies not least in the fine art of capturing the comical in a sincere and honest way, because after all the entire western world is more or less suffering from years of excessive spending and greed. Again, money is a serious matter. Therefore a show like “What Am I Worth”, a hilarious exploration about money and self worth in today’s society, has probably never been as important.
The one person show opened in 2008 in Reykjavik, Iceland, just a few months before the actual economical collapse of the country. The show played to packed houses for several months and enjoyed both critical and box office success. The show is a 70 minutes romp for one comedian (one actor), suitable and easily adaptable for theatrical producers in all countries.

Bjarni Haukur Thorsson

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