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“The Grandad” opening in Germany fall 2012

German super star Karl Dall, well known in Germany as an actor and comedian, will star as the German “Grandad” (“Der Opa”). The show opens in Schmidt Theater Tivoli Hamburg in October 4th 2012. Karl Dall’s career spans dozens of popular films and TV shows and numerous albums. Karl Dall won the prestigious Der Deutsche Comedypreis in 2006 for his contributions to German comedy.

“The Grandad” by Bjarni Haukur Thorsson had its world-wide opening at Borgarleikhusid in Reykjavik, Iceland in January 2011. The production instantly became an audience and critical success and is still running for packed houses. The production will embark on a national tour in 2012. Thorsson Productions has started Licensing the show around the world. “The Grandad” is destined to follow “The Dad’s” success!

“The Dad” New opening in 2012

“The Dad” in Bratislava Slovakia will premier September 20th 2012 at the Divadlo Heineken Tower stage. The show will be called "Ocko" and has been adapted into Slovakian language, "Ocko" will be performed by well known actor Roman Pomajbo.

“The Dad” in Copenhagen Denmark will premier as well September 29th 2012 at the Bellevue Teatret, performed by the great comedian Anders W. Berthelsen, directed by Niclas Bendixen.

"The Dad" in Gent Belgium. "Leve Papa" as translated into Flemish will premier October 18th 2012 at Theatre Tinnenpot
Performed by Philippe Martelaere

“The Dad” running in 20 countries in 2012

“The Dad” is exploding around the world. With a number of new co-productions deals and licenses signed, new productions will open in Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Slovakia and Finland, among many other countries in 2012. This means the one-man super show will be running in more than 20 countries in 2012.

Last October “The Dad” opened in Zagreb, Croatia at the Exit Theater and has received extraordinary reviews and is enjoying strong box office reception. Thorsson Productions is proud to be apart of the fastest growing solo comedy show in the world.

Publishing deal with Random House Ltd,

Thorsson Productions and Random House Ltd, the world’s largest general interest trade book publisher, have signed a literary agreement. Bjarni Haukur Thorsson has agreed to turn his international theater sensation “The Dad” into a book. The book will be published November 2012.


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